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Otway Ranges, Victoria

Inspired by the rolling hills and breathtaking bushland, Backwoods House exercises the idea of obscuring the line between a natural and man-made environment.


Completely surrounded by beautiful bushland and supporting varying vistas, the building serves as a multi-viewport core to the site, enabling the occupier to experience and appreciate the diversifying aspects of the property and its natural beauty.


Governed by a strict Bushfire Management Overlay, the incorporation of recessed bushfire shutters enables the building to be shutdown in the threat of a bushfire.


Though simple in appearance, the dwelling is packed with Ecological Sustainable Design features. Passive heating absorbed through the North facing glass façade, whilst cross and stack ventilation through operable building components allows fresh air to be introduced and heat to be extracted; enabling a constant, comfortable temperature to be maintained.


The final result is a building that is a living, breathing entity belonging to its surroundings.

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