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Aspendale, Victoria

For a young family, this new build acts as a nest, a home, a place for the family to gather + grow together. A place for friends and family to congregate on those special occasions. A place to work. A place to relax. A place for the children to play their games, practice their music, sing, dance and enjoy their time growing up. A place to create memories. A place that can too, grow with the family.


A design highly influenced by the north facing corner block. By pushing the building footprint as far back to the boundary as possible, the sun is able to penetrate deep into the property, enabling all elements to appreciate solar gain. It also incorporates a live green wall on the western side of the building to filter the harsh summer sun. This system continues across the building’s north face creating the passive cooling effect. Upstairs gathers varying vistas across to the park + lake, whilst downstairs internalises the occupants focus to the pool and lush greenery, which also screens the space from the street and public spaces.


We hope that Ebb St. provides the environment for which every young family deserves.

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