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Transposing visualisations and ideas from your head into a physical reality is nothing short of daunting, especially to those who are new to the process. Below is an outline of the design process which is used (partially or complete) to complete every project.


The first stage of the design process.


During this stage we will:

  • Assist in refining your brief and any other requirements you may have.

  • Inspect the subject site and provide a site analysis assessing opportunities and constraints.

  • Undertake a preliminary authority regulation analysis.


This is the stage where your ideas and inspiration are infused with our skill-set and transformed into a sketch design. We may present a number of options to you, utilizing different media such as sketches in plan, elevation, section, 3D virtual models + physical models.


During this stage we will also:

  • Arrange necessary meetings.

  • Prepare design briefs for the list of required consultants.

  • Prepare a preliminary opinion of probable cost.


This stage is dedicated to refining the approved design from the schematic design phase. This involves resolving, with you, the intricate details of the design. Questions we commonly ask during this stage is ‘what will the building look like?’ and ‘how will the building be constructed?’. Detailed exterior exploration, interior layouts, materials and finishes are also to be refined.


Consultants will also be engaged on your behalf, such as Structural Engineers, Geotechnical, Energy Rater, Building Surveyor etc.


When you are content with the developed design, we will prepare a submission to the local council (should a town planning permit be required) on your behalf in request of a town planning permit.


The approved design is now transformed into a comprehensive set of technical drawings and specification document. These documents known as the ‘contract documents’ enable builders and contractors to cost and construct the project.


We will also recommend the best method for bringing a builder on board, should that be by competitive tender, selected builder or owner-builder.


It is at this stage where we also apply for the building permit.


Builder selected, contract signed and construction commenced. This is where we oversee the contract on your behalf, this will include:

  • Resolving arising problems.

  • Answering the builder’s questions and queries.

  • Site visits

  • Assessment of the builder’s progress claims

  • Ensuring the building is being constructed as per the documents and agreed price.

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