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Concept Packages

The ‘Concept Package’ idea was purposed created for those who are either a little unsure, hesitant or maybe intimated of starting from scratch, or for those whose budget may not stretch the full capacity of the design process.The Concept Package is intended for you to review the basic overall concept and is priced to aid you evaluating whether this is the right design for you.

When you purchase one of our Concept Packages, you are buying the idea; the concept. This enables you to take the package to your ‘Builder’ or ‘Cost Consultant’ (should you need be put in touch we may be able to help) for a Preliminary Cost Response. Should the project prove feasible and appropriate, you can contact us to ‘jumpstart’ your project straight into the appropriate phase.

Essentially, the ‘Concept Package’ allows you to possess an Architect designed house for a reduced cost.

For more information refer to our FAQ page and please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

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